Major Influences on the Education of the Cahuilla Tribe

Introduction (1-2 pages)
Thesis: We discovered in our research and interview with the Cahuilla spiritual leader, Merle Cassell, 3 major influences on education in the Cahuilla Tribe.
A. General info on role of culture on education.
B. Introduction to Cahuilla Tribe, their background, and some biographical information on Merle.
C. List the three main points and state the thesis.

I. Role of the Catholic Church and imposed religion on Cahuilla education (Mike's paper - 2-3 pages)

II. Importance of family and culture on Cahuilla education and learning. (Jennifer's paper - 2-3 pages)
A. Family/elders
B. How children/subordinates are expected to listen and respect.
C. Sweatlodge and other items that play a role in learning (drum, hand gesture "dialogue" in sweatlodge, the doll that represented a spiritual helper)

III. Importance of Spirituality and worldview on Cahuilla learning (Jamie's paper - 2-3 pages)
A. Tie in spirituality and worldview with naturalist intelligence
1. Do the schools cater to this? Is that why Merle had such a hard time doing well in school?
B. Worldview that all is prayer and all is sacred. How does this tie in with the way they learn?

Conclusion (1 page)